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2016 Tax Tables

✔ 2016 Tax Rates, Thresholds and Allowance for Individuals, Companies, Trusts and Small Business Corporations (SBC) in Jamaica

You are viewing the income tax rates, thresholds and allowances for the 2016 Tax Year in Jamaica. If you are looking for an alternative tax year, please select one below.

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The following tax rates, thresholds and allowances are valid for the 2015 - 2016 Tax Year in Jamaica which is known as the 2016 Tax Year. The Tax Year runs from 1 July 2015 - 30 June 2016

Jamaica Tax Tables 2016 [Employee/Employer Taxes ∓ Contributions
25%PAYE Income Tax Rate
$ 592,800.00PAYE Income Tax Threshold
30%PAYE Income Tax Additional Rate
$ 6,000,000.00PAYE Income Tax Additional Threshold
$ 80,000.00Over 65 Allowance
$ 80,000.00Pensioner Allowance
2.5%NIS Employee Rate
$ 1,500,000.00NIS Employee Ceiling
2.5%NIS Employer Rate
$ 37,500.00NIS Employer Ceiling
2%NHT Employee Rate
3%NHT Employer Rate
2.25%Education Tax Employee Rate
%Education Tax Employer Rate
3%HEART Employer Rate
$ 173,328.00%HEART Employer Threshold

Employer and Employee Taxes & Contributions tables are used to calculated individual salaries, apply tax deductions and tax credits to produce a net take home pay (your income after deductions). Below is an example salary after tax deductions based on the 2015 - 2016 tax tables.

$ 144,300.00 Salary Income Tax Calculation and Salary Example

$ 144,300.00 Income Tax Calculations for 2016
Yearly%1Salary/Tax Component
$ 144,300.00100.00%Total Income
$ 140,692.5097.50%Statuatory Income
$ 3,165.582.19%Education Tax
$ 2,886.002.00%NHT
$ 3,607.502.50%NIS
$ 9,659.086.69%Total Deductions
$ 134,640.9293.31%Net Pay
$ 152,236.50105.50%Salary Package Value

1 Percentage expressed in relation to Gross Income [$ 144,300.00].

Employer Payroll Calculations

The following calculation tables illustrate the standard salary deductions in 2015 - 2016 Tax Year for an anual salary of $ 144,300.00

Employer Payroll Calculation 2016/17
$ 144,300.00Employee Salary in 2016/17
$ 4,329.00Employer NHT in 2016/17
$ 3,607.50Employer NIS in 2016/17
$0.00Employer Education Tax in 2016/17

=$ 152,236.50Total Cost of Employee in 2016/17

Employer National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Calculation 2016/17
$ 144,300.00Annual Salary in 2016/17
x2.5%Employer National Insurance Scheme (NIS) contribution rate in 2016/17

=$ 3,607.50Employer National Insurance Scheme (NIS) due in 2016/17
Employer Education Tax Calculation 2016/17
$ 144,300.00Annual Salary in 2016/17
x%Employer Education Tax contribution rate in 2016/17

=$0.00Employer Education Tax due in 2016/17

Employer National Housing Trust (NHT) Calculation 2016/17
$ 144,300.00Annual Salary in 2016/17
x3%Employer National Housing Trust (NHT) contribution rate in 2016/17

=$0.00Employer National Housing Trust (NHT) due in 2016/17

If you have not encountered tax table information before or if you are unsure of how tax tables affect your income we recommend you read our guide: What are Tax Tables? Tax Tables explained.